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Small Scale Environmental Solutions – A New Market Opportunity

An environmentally sustainable business model can only remain viable if the relevant business operations generate a profit, either for re-investment or to reward prudent risk-taking. At the same time, a profit that is generated at the expense of the environment or to the detriment of society cannot be considered environmentally sustainable. Satisfying all three demands is called the triple …

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Technology Road Mapping

Technology Road Mapping from Pennog is a workshop activity that brings together technologists, business strategists and marketers to share insights on market trends, identify future market opportunities and identify the capabilities needed in order to capitalise on these opportunities – always in alignment with the strategic goals of the business.   Innovation strategy is unique amongst all the business  strategies because it is founded on a …

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Innovation Process Excellence

With Innovation Process Excellence from Pennog you get applied expertise and training in Knowledge Management, which includes process tools and methods for the creation, capture and communication of knowledge and innovation. Unlike with isolated brainstorming or market scanning activities, Innovation Process Excellence provides a route from business strategy through to the commercialisation of innovation, which comprises: • Technology road mapping …

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