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Get Better Product-Service Pricing with Conjoint Analysis

Every day most of us make several complex trade-off decisions based on our preferences, often sub-consciously. Each morning some of us either choose to drive ourselves to work, walk, cycle, take the bus or call a cab or even hire a chauffeur-driven limousine. At lunchtime we may choose to dine at an exclusive restaurant, visit …

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Consequences of Changing to a Product-Service Business Model

In challenging economic times of high and fluctuating raw material and energy costs coupled with relatively static or declining markets, most companies realise a “do nothing” strategic objective will inevitably deliver shrinking returns. Manufacturing businesses may choose to cut costs to improve margins, enhance their offer to extract greater value and expand their market or …

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Services and Contact Us

When you speak to Pennog we will listen to your business objectives and, depending on your individual requirements, we can provide either simple advice, expert support or an overall business process improvement recommendation, training and an implementation plan to support smooth adoption. Below are listed some of the individual services that we can offer: If you would like to enquire …

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