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Solution Pricing for Industrial Customers

Within the spectrum of different pricing strategies, Solution Pricing is the most customer-intimate. To provide an industrial customer with a solution price, which is based on a benefit that the customer will derive from the use of product, service and/or equipment offer, presupposes that the supplier has a high level of technical and commercial integration …

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Get Better Product-Service Pricing with Conjoint Analysis

Every day most of us make several complex trade-off decisions based on our preferences, often sub-consciously. Each morning some of us either choose to drive ourselves to work, walk, cycle, take the bus or call a cab or even hire a chauffeur-driven limousine. At lunchtime we may choose to dine at an exclusive restaurant, visit …

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Consequences of Changing to a Product-Service Business Model

In challenging economic times of high and fluctuating raw material and energy costs coupled with relatively static or declining markets, most companies realise a “do nothing” strategic objective will inevitably deliver shrinking returns. Manufacturing businesses may choose to cut costs to improve margins, enhance their offer to extract greater value and expand their market or …

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