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Pricing Transparency – Lessons from The Ladies Paradise

One of the most instructive and entertaining business management books you can read was published in 1883. Emile Zola’s “The Ladies’ Paradise”.The_Ladies_Paradise  (Au Bonheur des Dames), has recently been adapted and serialised on British television. Whilst the TV series  understandably focusses on character relationships, Zola’s story is a more cynical critique of retail power and …

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A Holistic Approach to Reducing Complexity Costs

The current trend for mass customisation means fewer markets now accept “a one size fits all” product offering. However, as a quick method for appreciating the hidden costs incurred through increased product complexity, Henry Ford’s model of “any color …. so long as it is black” is still a good comparative starting model for manufacturing …

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Product Management

Pennog can help your business to develop Product Management as a pivotal and pro-active driver of change within your business by: Establishing the marketing objectives for a product or service within a defined market segment. Planning activities to achieve the marketing objectives on budget and with appropriate measurements and controls. Developing and communicating a product …

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