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Idea Enhancement – The Key to Innovation

The business cost of addressing failures in product development rises exponentially as the product nears the market. It is no surprise therefore that over 60% of technology businesses operate a staged-innovation process of some kind. Early selection of winning ideas and rejection of likely failures is logically the most efficient use of resources. Many companies …

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Idea Creation and Handling

Pennog can help you to develop and support an ideas-culture within your business that can reduce the resourcing risk of innovation and increase the speed to market. An ideas-culture can be a unique and sustainable competitive advantage for a business because it cannot be easily replicated.   The key to an ideas-culture within a business is the …

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Technology Road Mapping

Technology Road Mapping from Pennog is a workshop activity that brings together technologists, business strategists and marketers to share insights on market trends, identify future market opportunities and identify the capabilities needed in order to capitalise on these opportunities – always in alignment with the strategic goals of the business.   Innovation strategy is unique amongst all the business  strategies because it is founded on a …

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