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Product Management

Pennog can help your business to develop Product Management as a pivotal and pro-active driver of change within your business by:

      • Establishing the marketing objectives for a product or service within a defined market segment.
      • Planning activities to achieve the marketing objectives on budget and with appropriate measurements and controls.
      • Developing and communicating a product marketing plan.
      • Creating the necessary motivation and commitment to implement the plan.


Product ManagementIn market-orientated companies Product Management drives the marketing strategy, freeing the Marketing Manager to support business strategy development and to evaluate new markets and opportunities. Effective Product Management also provides the customer base with a voice directly into the operational and supporting functions of the business. At the same time the Product Manager is required to ensure the best market outcome for the business by defining the scope of sales and promotional activities.


In market-orientated company Marketing chooses the field of play, Product Management establishes the rules and Sales play to win.


With proven Marketing and Product Management tools and methods, Pennog can train your Product Management function to:

  • Enhancing value by;
      • maintaining or sustainably increasing prices.
      • increasing market share.
  • Reducing unnecessary costs.
  • Coordinate functions to achieve improved operational efficiency.


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