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New Business Opportunities

Pennog can help your business to discover and exploit new business opportunities by identifying the markets that it is best placed to develop and helping your business to innovate and exploit new opportunities.

Market Opportunities

The purpose of all businesses is to innovate and to find new customers. Companies lacking a real competitive advantage and the ability to attract new customers are often short-lived or simply fail to grow. Companies that fail to grow and diversify will eventually lose their competitive advantage and will have to compete on price. 

The search for new business opportunities in support of the business’ strategic goals can be a catalyst for change and growth in an organisation because it leads to the development of new capabilities with which to serve the broader needs of markets, which in turn provide new skills and technologies to access new markets. Everyone in an organisation can contribute to continued development of the business. Indeed, cross-functional participation in new business opportunity finding and the collaborative evaluation of opportunities helps develop new business capabilities by;


• identifying skill and knowledge gaps and,

• educating the workforce i.e. becoming a learning organisation.


Pennog can provide your business with a structured approach to delivering those business opportunities which your business is most capable of exploiting profitably. Call Pennog on +44(0)1484 443001 or contact us using our easy contact form and we can tell you more about how our marketing support services can help your business identify accessible new markets and deliver sustainable growth.