Return to Marketing Process Excellence

Marketing Strategy

Pennog can help you create an effective marketing strategy by supporting your business in identifying the most attractive market segments for your business strengths and choosing the most effective marketing mix (product, price, channel and promotion) to profitably compete in your chosen market segments.

Marketing Plan

All companies need a Marketing Strategy to deliver the strategic objectives of the business in the marketplace. Any company with a market growth objective or is seeking to selectively grow its market share in a particular market segment will typically develop its marketing strategy in the following order of priority:


  1. Targeting the most attractive market segments for its business.
  2. Positioning its products and services so that they provide the highest returns.


The market segments that have delivered profitable returns for your business in the past may not be the most attractive in the future. An independent evaluation of your business strengths versus customers current and future needs in the markets in that your business serves can help you identify new, attractive markets opportunities anticipate changes in the market ahead of your competitors and position your value offer accordingly.


Pennog has many years of commercial experience in strategic marketing processes and expertise in customer segmentation through market analysis and independent, structured consultation with a target customer base. Call Pennog Limited on +44(0)1484 443001 or contact us using our easy contact form and we can tell you more about how our marketing support services can help you develop a sustainable Marketing Strategy.