Marketing Process Excellence

MarketingPennog can help you to evaluate your business’ key competencies against current and future market needs and can help your business to cultivate a Marketing Process Excellence mind-set throughout its’ business activities. Through training in marketing fundamentals, the sharing real-life experiences and examples and by providing tried and tested tools and protocols, Pennog can improve your business’ performance in the following areas:


• Creating a marketing strategy and communicating a value proposition.

• Identifying and evaluating new business opportunities.

• Improved Pricing Strategy through product, price and channel differentiation.

• Product Management – managing the product life cycle and maximizing profits.


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Marketing Strategy

Pennog can help you create an effective marketing strategy by supporting your business in identifying the most attractive market segments for your business strengths and choosing the most effective marketing mix (product, price, channel and promotion) to profitably compete in your chosen market segments. All companies need a Marketing Strategy to deliver the strategic objectives of the business in …

New Business Opportunities

Pennog can help your business to discover and exploit new business opportunities by identifying the markets that it is best placed to develop and helping your business to innovate and exploit new opportunities. The purpose of all businesses is to innovate and to find new customers. Companies lacking a real competitive advantage and the ability to attract new …

Pricing Strategy

Pennog can help your business to extract the most value from pricing transactions, identify where value pricing is viable and provide your business with protocols to introduce and maintain value- or solution-based pricing processes that engage marketing functions and manage day-to-day selling decisions.   With the exception of luxury goods markets, Price is always the most influential criterion in the …

Product Management

Pennog can help your business to develop Product Management as a pivotal and pro-active driver of change within your business by: Establishing the marketing objectives for a product or service within a defined market segment. Planning activities to achieve the marketing objectives on budget and with appropriate measurements and controls. Developing and communicating a product …