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Technology Road Mapping

Technology Road Mapping from Pennog is a workshop activity that brings together technologists, business strategists and marketers to share insights on market trends, identify future market opportunities and identify the capabilities needed in order to capitalise on these opportunities – always in alignment with the strategic goals of the business.


Technology Roadmap

Technology Road Mapping – Discover New Opportunities

Innovation strategy is unique amongst all the business  strategies because it is founded on a creative process; “What is possible?” rather than “What needs to be done?”. This encourages thinking, which can digress beyond the limits of the business strategy. Establishing this strong linkage is the one of the major benefits of Technology Road Mapping, a technique which has been successfully practiced for over 40 years.


Technology Road Mapping is a means of bridging creative innovation and market strategy to create a market-orientated innovation strategy. Technology Road Mapping identifies opportunities throughout the value chain: New markets will always be created in the future. However, the value chain that will serve these markets, the products and services they will need to supply these value chain players, the technologies that will be required to create these products and services and finally the expertise and knowledge resources that will need to be trained and educated to invent these technologies all provide business opportunities and new markets in the near term.


Identifying which market trends will create the business opportunities for your business is as much about knowing your own business capability to exploit an opportunity as it is about a developing market’s attractiveness. A Technology Road Mapping workshop can be designed to meet your specific markets and business capabilities. Call Pennog on +44(0)1484 443001 or contact us using our easy contact form and we can tell you more about how we can support your business in creating a strong, market-led foundation for its Innovation strategy.