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Product Commercialisation

Pennog can help your business to develop a successful commercialisation strategy that identifies un-met market needs and focusses marketing communications on the benefits sought by the most attractive market segments.

A Targetted Launch Yields Higher Profits Faster


A product launch that immediately generates big sales revenue is challenging, particularly in established technology markets with multi-player value chains. In practice, product commercialisation is often a “grey area” of responsibility between technicians and marketers. It is only after new product introductions that new features and faults are discovered when more innovative customers apply the new product in ways that may not have been considered during design.


With specialist support from Pennog a product launch package can be designed to target innovator and early adopter customer segments with the objective of pre-empting any deficiencies that need to be addressed, refining the offer and communicating the product benefits to the broader market. Tactical product launches of this kind can significantly improve the chances, speed and size of the return on investment of a new product commercialization. 



Pennog has many years of practical commercial experience in commercial product launches for major global businesses. Techniques, training and procedures to bring together your Marketing and Innovation experts in order to develop a successful product launch strategy can be provded. Call Pennog on +44(0)1484 443001 or contact us using our easy contact form and we can tell you more about how our expertise can help your business be successful in your next product launch.