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Idea Creation and Handling

Pennog can help you to develop and support an ideas-culture within your business that can reduce the resourcing risk of innovation and increase the speed to market. An ideas-culture can be a unique and sustainable competitive advantage for a business because it cannot be easily replicated.


3000 ideas for 1 success

The key to an ideas-culture within a business is the creation of idea handling processes and screening criteria that are founded on the business key competencies and the business-specific attractiveness criteria of the various markets that a company serves. If an innovation project is going to fail because of deficiencies in route to commercialisation rather than technical problems it should fail early in order to free-up resource for impactful innovation.


Effective ideas handling and knowledge management processes support the collection of knowledge from within the organisation and beyond and its’ dissemination to those in the organisation who can recognise interrelationships between technologies and markets and use such insights to solve problems or identify new market opportunities. But ideas handling should not be the domain of a few key people. The most efficient ideas handling systems support an ideas-culture by helping such creative people to co-operate with technology experts, market opportunity “spotters” and business strategists.


The expertise at Pennog has developed ideas handling systems for different companies; helping to create a culture of innovation and to define idea screening criteria in line with business strategy and organisational capabilities. Call Pennog Limited on +44(0)1484 443001 or contact us using our easy contact form and we can tell you more about how our innovation process design expertise can help your business enhance its innovation capabilities.