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About Us

Dr Jonathan Hughes MBA has a wealth of knowledge and specialist expertise in marketing and innovation. Rather uniquely he is also an accomplished generalist; someone who can identify valuable market opportunities by connecting technology developments to emerging market needs.


Growth through innovation requires market insight, unfettered creativity and meticulous execution. The challenge for large companies is linking these processes, for SME’s it’s accessing the skills.

With a diverse and successful career spanning 20-plus years in product plus service industries, Jonathan has first-hand practical experience of the best approaches to growing a business through product and market innovation.

Marketing begins with a rigorous validation of a company’s position versus existing market needs and progresses through a creative exploration of potential future market needs.


Jonathan has designed idea capture and enhancement processes for multi-national enterprises, guided product-service innovation through each stage of development and launched many new product ranges. He has also expert in customer segmentation, identifying attractive markets and matching service levels and pricing strategies to deliver maximum value to clients and their customers.

Like most Process thinkers, Jonathan understands that establishing a strategic objective at the outset is usually the difference between effective innovation and an opportunistic random walk. Jonathan has proven experience in supporting businesses to develop a marketing strategy and can provide the tools and techniques to help identify and successfully exploit new market opportunities.