At Pennog we know that all successful companies possess a unique combination of business strengths and skills.

Business Process Excellence from Pennog provides best practice Marketing and Innovation process skills that help companies capitalise on their existing business strengths and innovate to capture new market opportunities.Grow Business Through Innovation

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About Us

Dr Jonathan Hughes MBA has a wealth of knowledge and specialist expertise in marketing and innovation. Rather uniquely he is also an accomplished generalist; someone who can identify valuable market opportunities by connecting technology developments to emerging market needs.   “Growth through innovation requires market insight, unfettered creativity and meticulous execution. The challenge for large …

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Pricing Transparency – Lessons from The Ladies Paradise

One of the most instructive and entertaining business management books you can read was published in 1883. Emile Zola’s “The Ladies’ Paradise”.The_Ladies_Paradise  (Au Bonheur des Dames), has recently been adapted and serialised on British television. Whilst the TV series  understandably focusses on character relationships, Zola’s story is a more cynical critique of retail power and …

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New Business Opportunities – New Blue Oceans

The international bestseller Blue Ocean Strategy by Professors W. Chan Kim and Renée Mauborgne was published 10 years ago. Based on a study of 150 strategies of businesses in 30 industries up to 2000, it was a “how to” business book like no other before it. The framework, tools and examples it provided to businesses seeking …

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